Top 10 Grills Accessories

Today we’re talking about the top accessories for charcoal grills.

So first up, Natural Lump Charcoal.

Simply put, lump charcoal is better than charcoal briquettes in every way. That’s because it’s made of pure carbon with no additives. Meanwhile, Charcoal briquettes are usually loaded additives. With Natural lump you can be sure you are getting the most pure taste and best performance out of your charcoal grill.

Next up, Charcoal Ash Tool.

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A charcoal ash tool is an absolute must for any charcoal grill. It’s great for stirring charcoal to get even heat while getting your grill preheated, or moving charcoal around to create an indirect heat setup. Being able to manipulate your heat source how you want it is essential, and this tool will also come in handy when cleaning ash from the grill as well.

For quick and even charcoal lighting, it’s hard to beat a chimney starter. All you have to do is fill it with charcoal, light some crumpled paper underneath, and wait for the coals to start glowing.From there, just pour the lit coals in the chimney onto the unlit coals in your grill, and you’re good to go!

A chimney starter also means you won’t need lighter fluid leaving a nasty flavor on what you cook, which is always a plus.


Another great option for lighting coal is an electric charcoal starter.

The Looftlighter is a popular starter because it blows super hot air, working to light the coals and stoke the fire all at once with the push of a button. Starters like this can also be handy if you are setting up for a low and slow cook, because you can pinpoint what coals you light – which is nice for starting the perfect fire to smoke with.

Next up, BBQ Thermometers Whether you’re trying to measure the temperature of your food or your grill’s ambient temperature, thermometers are an essential tool for any griller. A meat thermometer is a must-have because it’s the only way to guarantee food is safe to eat, and some models even come as wireless probes that send temperature readings to your smartphone.

And now we have Pizza Stones Charcoal grills can double as a great place to cook pizza. Having a pizza stone lets you create the perfect environment for a crispy crust. You’ll enjoy Infusing pizza with wood fired flavors, and it’s a great change of pace from the typical burgers and hotdogs

If you want to get the most out of your charcoal pit, you’ll want to have some grill racks

and toppers around.

Something like a griddle can be a great addition for caramelizing smaller items that would fall through the grids – or cooking bacon to sizzling perfection.

Grill baskets are also great to have around when it comes to getting smokey flavor on something like roasted veggies.

And next up, Grill Lights.

You should never have to stop grilling just because it’s dark outside. Most of my favorite cookouts have lasted well into the evening. These lights come in different styles, from ones that clip on to your grill handle – to a light that’s integrated into your spatula – you’ll be glad to have a clear view of

what you grill at night.

Now for Grilling can’t forget the basics.

A solid set of grill tools is something you should always have around. A long pair of grill tongs is always a must – it’ll save your hands from getting to close to the heat when grilling.

And don’t forget about a basting brush – the flavor possibilities are endless when you start making homemade basting sauces.

After you finish cooking all that tasty food – you’ll need a grill brush. If you get in the habit of making a few passes with a brush after every cook – your grill will always be ready for the next cook that hits it.